Leverage User Generated Content for Low Budget Marketing Campaigns

Content for Low Budget Marketing Campaigns

In a world where many companies are promoting their brands with content marketing, a small business looking for low-cost marketing methods through the internet may make good use of user-generated content marketing. It starts with the small business establishing a reputation in its local area where people talk about the business and passing the messages through word-of-mouth. For example, local businesses who is a restaurant or cafe, or a plumber (who only give services to a specific local area) are the suitable candidates. The first thing the local business may do is to list itself on local business directories, or local reviews sites such as Yelp, and more. The good thing about review sites is that when your satisfied customers leave good comments and good ratings regarding your business or services, it would boost the chances of other users to try your business/services.

The small business should not limit its capability to reach more potential customers only to local review sites. The best free traffic sources list provides a potential list of a few hundred traffic sources that a small business website may reach out to people and get visitors from. We all know you should create a plan for content marketing, but when you have the content materials designed and created, you will need channels/sources (especially sources that are free of charge when you are using them to bring visitors to your website). The channels may include search engines (SEO and paid search), and social media which are websites or sources they bring in free traffic, and display advertising, retargeting and programmatic advertising where you need to pay for the traffic.

A non-profit organization certainly wouldn’t have too many resources to gather decent amount of marketing budget. It would rely much on the “local community”. The non-profit organization can actually use content to raise awareness about the visions and missions the organization is heading, and build up a local community for share and spread the good words. For example, an organization encourages citizens to make use of bicycles as the preferred transportation of the city for the good will of saving energy and reducing pollution may launch a user-generated content marketing campaign. The organization may get volunteers to report and blog about the event/campaign, and may encourage readers to participate in comments. The comments that are posted by the users (that are interested in the reduction of pollution) are user-generated content that is within the specific blog articles. The comments can also be syndicated to the social media pages (e.g. Facebook fan page) so the event/campaign would be able to reach more people.


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