How Does Elo Boosting Work

How Does Elo Boosting Work

Over the years, 2 methods have developed to boost an account to a higher Elo. On the one hand, there is the classic variant. The booster plays directly on the account that it is supposed to boost, which has several advantages: On the one hand, this method is very fast and efficient.

The game level of the booster is always much higher than the game level on which the account it is supposed to boost is located. So he will win pretty much every game and will be able to climb very quickly, while the “customer” only has to wait until this procedure is over.

In addition, the booster can also respond to special customer requests. For example, he can only use certain champions to climb so that outsiders do not notice that this account is boosted.

For the customer, this method is the fastest and the most convenient, since it does not require any personal contribution. It is a very simple service, but it has a significant disadvantage: it is illegal.

According to the lol boost Terms of Use, players are not allowed to share their LoL account with second parties. The boosters protect the account through the use of VPN programs so that riot or others cannot track that the account is being used by someone else, but a residual risk always remains.

The second variant is legal. The booster plays together with the customer duo queue. This method is much slower and not very comfortable for the customer, but it is 100% legal for it and that the customer does not have to do without playing LoL for the duration of the boosting can also be an advantage.

Who Boosts

There are generally 2 types of boosters. On the one hand, there are the boosters that want to make money with them, and there are the “private” boosters.

The first variant is explained relatively quickly. Every player who is in the Diamond + area has the potential to be a booster with his skills because the areas between gold and diamond are probably the areas that are most desirable for customers. Every diamond player should be able to move every account into the platinum area without any problems.


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