7 Common Two-Way Radio Issues And How To Fix Them

Common Two-Way Radio Etiquette

There are different ways for a two-way radio to break down. However, not all the issues that you encounter with them mean that they are no longer usable. Sometimes, it just takes a little troubleshooting to get your portable radios back to 100% again.

Below are 7 of the most common issues that you might encounter with your two-way radio and how you can fix them using tools that you will probably already have. Take notes so you can apply them later on and avoid having to spend too much on buying replacement parts or getting the radios repaired if these are not necessary.

  1. You Are Having Trouble Transmitting or Receiving

If you are having trouble transmitting or receiving with your two-way radio, you should always check first if you have poor reception. That is the most common cause of this particular issue. Moving away from barriers such as concrete and steel walls can increase the signal of your two-way radio.

However, if you find yourself still struggling to transmit or receive with your two-way radio, you should have the antenna that sticks out from the radio checked out. If the antenna starts to fail, a two-way radio starts to become increasingly unusable due to the constant unavailability.

  1. You Hear Clogged Audio

When you rent two way radios, you should always check the quality of the audio received. Is it clear? Will you be able to communicate even in a noisy environment? If the audio starts to sound clogged, there might be some dirt inside the speaker of your portable radio.

  1. You Hear Beeping That Won’t Stop

The beep that you hear from a two-way radio can be incredibly distracting especially if you don’t know how to make it stop. There are different factors as to why the beeping happens. The most common one is your battery needs to be charged.

  1. You Can’t Hear Anyone

If your radio is stuck in transmit mode, you might not be able to hear anyone. If doing a power cycle doesn’t solve this issue, you should check whether or not there is a channel that is programmed in your two-way radio.

  1. You Hear Lots of Static

When working relatively close to someone on the field and you still hear lots of static when you communicate, there might be other sources interfering with your channel. You can try changing channels to solve this issue or removing the source of interference.

  1. Your Battery Is Constantly Low

While rent two way radios have long lifespans, there could be instances where the battery becomes faulty. Replacing it might not always be required. Sometimes you just have to take it out, clean it a little bit, then put it back in.

  1. Your Headset or Earpiece Won’t Work

While portable radios are versatile, there might be a headset or earpiece that simply won’t work with the model that you have. There are various reasons as to why this would happen including outdated models or headsets or earpieces that are simply too feature-packed.

Whether you’re an event organizer or a business owner who needs to rent two way radios, contact us today at Tidewater Communications. Let’s discuss your needs and we’ll have the best comms solution for you.


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